Dental Dam Strawberry

Dental Dam Strawberry Latex

The Latex Dental Dam Strawberry is made for helping reduce the risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases from oral sex. For the ultimate protection for oral-genital contact during sex, Dental Dams are the best choice. Dental Dams are used to help reduce the risk of contracting STD's during oral sex by acting as a barrier to vaginal and anal secretions that may contain bacteria and viruses. They're very thin, yet reliable and strong, so your partner gets the most stimulation while you both remain highly protected. Dental Dams taste great and make your oral encounter more enjoyable. Simply place the dam over the place of oral sex and have great time. Scented Latex Dental Dam is 6 inches by 8 inches sheet of natural latex rubber.

Latex Dental Dam Condom is made by Trustex, the name you have come to trust for birth control and STI disease prevention with their reliable latex condoms. Includes one Dental Dam.

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Condoms, Oral Sex, Blow Job, BJ

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