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Inner Goddess Silver Pleasure Balls, Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey Official Collection Inner Goddess Silver Metal Pleasure Balls secretly stimulate your G-spot and offer a heavy weight to grip around. These ideally-weighted kegel balls are ideal for those in need of a new toning challenge with added satisfaction. Smooth, solid metal has been used to create this weighty kegel exerciser.

Designed for those who have used Kegel exercisers before and now need a new challenge, these pleasure balls offer a combined weight of 7.8oz (221g) to maximize the effects of your toning and vaginal rejuvenation. Each of the balls has a slimline girth of just 3.75 inches in circumference, challenging even the most advanced kegel ball users. Initially designed to be worn lying down, your muscles tone with continued exercise so you can wear them anywhere. A strong nylon cord connects the balls together, attaching them to a large metal finger loop. The secure construction allows you to use these silver balls for anal play if desired, with the finger loop ensuring the balls cannot travel during wear. Complete with presentation box and supplied with a Fifty Shades of Grey storage bag, the Inner Goddess Silver Pleasure Balls are the ideal erotic gift for all women.

How to perform Kegel exercises: exercises are easy to perform, simply clench your vagina around the balls as if you're trying to pull them up further inside you. Clench as tight as you can and hold for as long as you can and then release. Repeat this exercise 10 – 15 times in a row and aim to do your exercises two or three times a day. During exercises, the silver balls will move against your G-spot, firmly stimulating your hottest internal pleasure zone and making toning a deeply erotic and sexually satisfying experience. Play can be further enhanced with clitoral stimulation care of a bullet vibrator, causing the balls to gently quiver inside you for all-encompassing satisfaction.

Length: 8.5 inches. Circumference: 4 inches. Pleasure balls combined weight: 7.8oz (221g). Base type: Finger Loop. Material: Metal. Flexibility: Rigid. Waterproof: Latex and phthalate free.

Inner Goddess Silver Pleasure Balls Key Features:
– smooth, cool and solid for heightened sensations
– weighted for intermediate users
– effectively enhance control and orgasm intensity
– contoured for easy insertion
– strong and secure retrieval cord
– easy to clean
– supplied with branded Fifty Shades storage bag

Product Description

UPC: 5060108819749
Mfg #: FS-40174
Ben Wa, Kegel Balls

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Weight .69 lbs


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