Fleshlight Vibro Pink Lady Touch
Fleshlight Vibro Pink Lady Touch Kit

Fleshlight Vibro Pink Lady Touch Masturbator

Fleshlight Vibro Pink Lady Touch is shaking up the world of male self-pleasure toys by incorporating amazing vibrating sensations into its best-selling premium masturbator. The Vibro utilizes the same sensual SuperSkin as the original Fleshlight, but with the added all-encompassing vibrations that make for an intensely satisfying experience.

An earthquake is coming, and it’s off the charts. But don’t run and hide – you’re going to enjoy every moment of this one. If you’re looking to shake up things in the bedroom, Vibro Pink Lady Touch by Fleshlight is the perfect self-pleasure device for you. With vibrating sensations transferred to each of the concentric fingers along the length of the shaft, you’ll swear later that you survived the big one. Just like with a real earthquake, the Vibro is going to result in a huge impact, and you’ll be all smiles.

The Touch sleeve, made specifically for the Vibro, is made with several small cylindrical fingers that help spread the vibrating sensations. The vibrations start at the orifice of the Vibro, and will stimulate you from the base of the genitals all the way up to the tip. Features a Lady (vagina-like) orifice, and a gumental case. 3 Fleshlight bullets and batteries (with extras) included.

Fleshlight Vibro Pink Lady Touch Features

Gunmetal Vibro case
Touch texture SuperSkyn sleeve
Lady (pussy) orifice
Three vibrating bullets (batteries included)
One 10-pack of extra batteries
Instructions for use and care

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