Power+ Delay Spray for Men

Power+ Delay Spray for Men 2oz, Doc Johnson

With Power+ Delay Spray for Men, the power to go all night is just a spray away. All you need is a shot of this genital desensitizer on your cock for the ability to go on for hours. This odorless, tasteless, improved formula will help you keep an erection for an extended period of time, delaying your gratification so you can give your partner maximum pleasure. Keep it on hand at all times for endless adult fun.

Power Plus Male Delay Spray by Doc Johnson allows you to delay ejaculation and orgasm until you're good and ready to let it go. Apply directly to the penis to decrease sensitivity and extend your lovemaking. It's fast, effective and greaseless too, so it won't stain your sheets or her sexy lingerie. Contains 7.5% Benzocaine which acts as a desensitizing agent to help men maintain and prolong erection and help delay or prevent premature ejaculation. Odorless and tasteless. Contains 2 fluid ounces (59ml). Made in USA.

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