Nipple Nibblers Tingle Balm Strawberry Twist 1.25oz

Nipple Nibblers Tingle Balm Strawberry Twist

Jelique Nipple Nibblers Tingle Balm Strawberry Twist 1.25oz raises nipple play to a whole new level of sensual excitement. Either of you can apply a little dab of Nipple Nibblers to your own nipples or your lover’s to stimulate and sensitize these tender, highly responsive tissues. Makes your nipples more tasty and attractive to your partner. Nipple Nibblers are safe to ingest, and the fragrance is intensely sensual, making nipple gratification a real treat.

Cool and creamy balm provides great lubricity for tease-n-please nipple play. Infused with menthol for irresistible nipple arousal. Heightens sensitivity to nipples with every touch. Use a small amount on nipples or lips for tingling stimulation. 1.25 oz.

Product Description

UPC: 638258250429
Mfg #: JEL2504-02
Gels, Creams, Nipple, Play, Sensitizers, Stimulators

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Weight .14 lbs


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